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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Is A SSD Solid State Hard Drive Worth The Money

 The biggest question lately is that a ssd or solid state hard drive worth the money for my computer. Well I have seen some resellers use a 128gb or 250gb ssd as the boot drive and then a sata hard drive for the data. The problem with this is that the 128gb and 250gb ssd drives are too small and they fill up in a short period of time. Yes you can remap files such as documents, pictures and downloads to the sata drive. The problem is that these items do not usually take up much space in the system.

 Some programs may be installed on the second drive if they give you the choice and this may help a little. The problem comes in that the hard drive will fill due to windows updates, system files and hidden system files. Also programs that can only be installed on the boot drive. So what would be the next best course of action to take. My advise is to consider a larger 500gb ssd or 1tb ssd drive and skip the sata secondary hard drive. Usually if you shop around the internet on amazon for example you will find some good prices on ssd drives. Remember that some of these computer service centers buy hardware from a reseller and then jack up their price to make a profit.

 So finally will the solid state hard drive make my computer super fast. It may be somewhat faster due to using memory locations in the hard drive as opposed to spinning platters in the sata type hard drive. So if you have the money and can afford the larger ssd drive, I say go ahead and upgrade your computer system.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Microsoft Says I Am Infected

 Lately the biggest scam going around on the internet is the Microsoft message coming up on your screen telling you that you are infected and they want you to call a certain number. Now many people out there are not that computer savvy and they think this is legitimate and they call the number.

 Well unfortunately they have fallen into their trap. The next thing you know you have paid a certain amount for them to remote into your computer and run a few programs that are free on the internet. They clean a few things and then try to get you to pay more to have them clean your computer all time. While they are in your computer, they are looking for bank accounts and any other information they can steal from you.

 Okay so when this happens what are you supposed to do ? Well first of all Microsoft does not contact people like this. First never call these people, if you do, do not let them remote into your computer. The best thing to do is don't click on anything, not even to click it off. If you are familiar with end tasking something do that. If you are not, hold the power button in on the computer until it turns off. This may take 15 seconds to 30 seconds. Next reboot the computer and run some scans for infections with programs like malwarebytes, roguekiller and junkware removal tool. You can use programs like spybot and super anti spyware as well. Also your antivirus software.

I have to tell you I have had this garbage come up on my computer a few times. It's not you fault, no it's just scamming criminals that are out there on the internet. Now if you did let them remote in shut your computer off and hang up the phone. Now they may call you for awhile and they may send you email as well. If you speak to them, tell them you are reporting them to the police and the attorney general. I would suggest changing bank account passwords and email passwords.

 Always stay protected with good antivirus software.


Sunday, April 2, 2017

Are Universal AC Adapters Really Okay For Your Laptop

 Many customers ask can I use a universal ac adapter for my laptop computer. Well in a perfect world yes as long as the voltage output is the same. The current rating should be the same or more. You see according to some, the laptop should only draw the current it needs. At this point you never have a problem.
 Now on the other hand I have read many stories where the customer used the universal ac adapter only to have their laptop die shortly after using it. Now there are various brands, such as dell that may not work with any ac adapter, except for the model made for the laptop. So what could be damaging the motherboards when a universal ac adapter ?
 What I have found is that many of these universal ac adapters put out a dirty signal. This dirty signal seems to cause some damage resulting in the laptop completely failing. I myself have had customers that used one of these universal ac adapters only to have their laptops die. So my feeling is if you can locate the proper model for your laptop, use it. I have my degree in electrical engineering and we were always taught to design the power supply around the components in the circuit. If you go outside of this damage will eventually happen to the system.
 Also if a power supply can be used with the same current or more why do the manufactures design so many different ac adapters ? I am sure that money does come into play at some point. Also making a ac adapter smaller, would make it lighter and easier to carry.
 What it comes down to is it really worth it to damage your laptop computer ? I say no why take the risk.

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