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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Are Universal AC Adapters Really Okay For Your Laptop

 Many customers ask can I use a universal ac adapter for my laptop computer. Well in a perfect world yes as long as the voltage output is the same. The current rating should be the same or more. You see according to some, the laptop should only draw the current it needs. At this point you never have a problem.
 Now on the other hand I have read many stories where the customer used the universal ac adapter only to have their laptop die shortly after using it. Now there are various brands, such as dell that may not work with any ac adapter, except for the model made for the laptop. So what could be damaging the motherboards when a universal ac adapter ?
 What I have found is that many of these universal ac adapters put out a dirty signal. This dirty signal seems to cause some damage resulting in the laptop completely failing. I myself have had customers that used one of these universal ac adapters only to have their laptops die. So my feeling is if you can locate the proper model for your laptop, use it. I have my degree in electrical engineering and we were always taught to design the power supply around the components in the circuit. If you go outside of this damage will eventually happen to the system.
 Also if a power supply can be used with the same current or more why do the manufactures design so many different ac adapters ? I am sure that money does come into play at some point. Also making a ac adapter smaller, would make it lighter and easier to carry.
 What it comes down to is it really worth it to damage your laptop computer ? I say no why take the risk.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

How To Repair Windows 10

 We all need to know how to repair windows 10. I work as a computer technician and I see many corrupted windows 10 operating systems. Now some is due to customers running windows 10 on an older computer. Yes it seems to run pretty good at first and then it falls apart. It usually due to the older system running what ever windows 10 set up. You just don't have the proper drivers for the system and it will fail at some point. The best option is to keep it at windows 7, 8 or 8.1 and do not go to windows 10.
 Okay so you have a computer that is 1 to 3 years old and there are drivers at the manufacturers website. So windows 10 should run okay or should it. Well I have seen way too many times where an update came through and now you just get that nasty windows 10 blue screen telling you something went wrong. So what can you try to do at this point or should you say the heck with it.
 Here is the first thing to do in this case. Get to the log on screen, Hold the shift key down and click restart. Remember to keep holding the shift key until you get to the windows 10 troubleshooting screen. You will see a few different choices, so okay whats next. Click the restore choice and see if you can restore the system back to a previous date before tragedy struck. If all goes well the computer should boot up properly once again. Also pay attention to the restore window to determine what may have happened, such as a windows update or maybe a program was installed.
 Okay so what if you can't restore it back to a good date, what then. Well you can choose to start in the safe mode with networking. If it will then I would run some scans for infections with free programs such as roguekiller, malwarebytes, adwcleaner, super antispyware and junk removal tool. All these can be gotten from on the internet. Once cleaned up, reboot the computer and see if you can enter the normal mode.
 Okay so you still can't boot the computer up, now what to do. Boot back to the troubleshooting mode in windows 10. You can choose to go to a command prompt and run a few items listed below.
  1. Type chkdsk /r at the command prompt. If it asks to unlock the drive click yes and run it.
  2. Type sfc /scannow and run system file checker if possible.
  3. Type bootrec /fixboot and press enter.
  4. Type bootrec /fixmbr and press enter.
  5. You can type bootrec /rebuildbcd and press enter. This Will Delete Any Restore Points.
 If none of this works then go to the troubleshooting screen again and choose to reset. Usually there are two choices. One will keep your data and reset windows 10. You will have to reinstall your programs and apps. The second choice will wipe out the system completely and you will lose everything. I would always make sure to run the windows back up in the control panel to an external hard drive. This will save alot of headaches if disaster happens. Just remember this back up is only good for this system. The data may be transferred anywhere, but not the system image.

If you can't press restart while holding the shift key, you can enter the windows 10 troubleshooting mode by starting the computer and hold the power button in when you see the circle of dots spin, do not let go. Do this two to three times in a row and it should go into the repair troubleshooting mode.

If you are not comfortable with any of these procedures I would take it to a well known computer service repair center. Check out any reviews if possible.


Friday, December 16, 2016

How To Repair Your Own Laptop Computer

 Most of us can repair our own laptop computers when things go bad. It can be anything from a broken lcd to a defective hard drive. What you need to do is look for repair videos on youtube for your particular laptop computer. There are plenty of them with excellent information on all kinds of repairs.
 The next step is to determine what the part number is. Usually there is a bar code on a sticker on the associated part. For example it is right on the back of the lcd display. Now once you have that number you can search for example for the exact lcd on ebay. Sometimes you can find the parts on amazon as well.
 If you looking for other parts like the plastic lower case, keyboard or any part the above process works just fine.Just remember with laptop computers there are lots of small screws. So keep all those screws separate. Now I have seen magnetic pads that are dry erasable, so you can group the screws together. I have also seen technicians use the small pill plastic holders for the days of the week.
 If you do purchase through ebay pay attention to the reviews and number of reviews. This way you can be safe and make an educated purchase. If this is a dc jack repair it may require some soldering and solder removal so you can replace the defective component . So make sure you have the proper tools for soldering. Also get plenty of practice before tackling this kind of job.
 Also remember to practice good esd protection when handling any component. Use a esd wrist strap and a esd mat.

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